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Communications Mission

As part of the REALOP Mission, students will be provided with the opportunity to design, build, and test a satellite. Essential to that mission is the ability for students to communicate to the satellite once it is in orbit, and big things are happening in order to make that happen.


In collaboration with the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT), we will be utilizing amateur radio in order to get information to and from REALOP. To help facilitate such communication, REALOP will host an AMSAT Linear Transponder Module. A ground station utilizing Yagi Antennas will also be constructed using AMSAT techniques.

cross boom.PNG

All data collected from REALOP will not be encrypted, and as such we will not only publish the information we downlink, but also make the information available to the greater amateur radio community worldwide via the use of FoxTelem. We hope that through this mission, not only will we be able to demonstrate novel space technologies, but contribute to the amateur radio community worldwide.

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